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So here it begins… Well actually I should have started a blog back in 2003 when my life became vaguely interesting.  I say that like there was some momentous occasion that catapulted me into a life of success and stardom, when, actually I grew some balls after being dumped by my then wannabe DJ boyfriend and went to spend the summer living in Cyprus, with my lovely although slightly unhinged army barmy uncle.  I remember feeling somewhat accomplished that my 21 year old self managed to get from my front door in Southampton, UK to my uncles front door in Larnaca, Cyprus.  A taxi, a painfully slow National Express coach, a flight and another taxi later, I made it.  Although drinking Long Island Ice Tea fish bowls and stalking Trevor Nelson isn’t the stuff of a National Geographic centre spread, although it was the start of my wanderlust and hunger pangs to get out and SEE this world of ours.

I have now travelled to 54 countries to date, lived in Saudi Arabia, France and a short spate in Italy.  I will not include my summer working as a Coyote Ugly girl in Magaluf as part of my cultural experience.  Nor will I kid you that my experiences have all been that of strawberries, candy floss and Julie Andrews.  It’s an age old saying but traveling has trumped my education ten-fold for teaching me about people, about life and about myself.  Essentially I think it’s important to have your eyes open and keep your mouth shut.  A British passport can help, but it’s not a get out of jail free card.  If there is one piece of knowledge I could pass on it would be to respect the laws and people of the lands you go.  You’re not at home, and no amount of likes on your ‘Insta filtered’selfie of you pouting blurry eyed on a VIP table in Marbs’ hugging a bottle of Grey Goose will earn you an ounce of respect when you’ve pissed off a local in Lagos. 

I’m 32, female and I serve tea and coffee at 38,000ft.  Being Cabin Crew was my ‘gap year’ after University.  Ten years later I’ve seen more hotel rooms than Belle De Jour and Jet Lag is a way of life.  I’m not Your typical blonde stewardess with a tits and teeth Vasaline smile, and I do not spend all of my crew allowances on fake Louis Vuitton.  The Cabin Crew Stereotype is something I hate with a passion.  I have a brain I just choose to fly. 

Slippingonabananaskin is my life worth sharing.